How long has 100+ Women Who Care been in the Bucks County area?

100+ Women Who Care Bucks County is a new organization founded in May 2014 by Lynne Kelleher .  She first became aware of the concept after attending a 100+ Women Who Care Chester County meeting.


Which organizations are allowed to be sponsored?

In order to be considered at a meeting, the organization must be based in and serving Bucks County. The organization must be a non-profit entity recognized as a 501(c)(3) and must have been previously established (no start-ups).  No national or international charities, programs or organizations will be considered as the contributions are to stay 100% in the community.

What is a 501(c)(3)?

A 501(c)(3) is defined as “exemptions that apply to corporations, and any community chest, fund or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational purposes, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, promote the arts, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.”  However, for the purposes of 100+ Women Who Care, all groups up for consideration must be local. 


Is my contribution tax-deductible?  

Yes, your contribution is tax deductible if made payable to a 501(c)(3) organization.  Checks are written directly to the local organization, NOT to 100+ Women Who Care.  Please contact your tax advisor or visit the IRS website for further information.


How is the organization that receives the donation chosen?

A member who has signed a Commitment Form can put the name of a local organization into a hat for consideration. Three charities are randomly chosen to present their case for why they deserve the funds at the next quarterly meeting. Either the nominating member or a representative from the charity can make the presentation.See presentation guidelines elsewhere on this website. We encourage all members to participate by submitting the names of local, needy charitable organizations in Bucks County.


Are there guidelines for how often a 501(c)(3) charity can win?

Yes. Because we want to give as many charities as possible an opportunity to win $10,000, and because there are only four (4) chances/meetings each calendar year, each winning charity can win only once every TWO (2) years (from the month of their win).


What if I cannot attend a meeting?

If a member cannot attend a meeting she can do one of two things.  1. She can send in a blank, signed check with a trusted friend to the meeting (preferred).  The friend will write in the name of the charity that is chosen on the check and give it to the organizers on her behalf.  The friend, however, may not vote on behalf of the absent member.  We can only count the votes of members who are present at the meeting.  2. An email will go out the day after the meeting to those not in attendance telling them who the winner was with instructions on where to send the check.


Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?

The goal of the 100+ Women Who Care organization is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group.  We want to be able to support this endeavor and give $10,000+ at a time to make a large impact in our community, with each member’s donation being part of the larger donation.


How long do the meetings last?

Meetings are intended to be very short, generally lasting approximately 45 minutes but no longer than 60 minutes.  However, you may come to a meeting early in order to spend time socializing and getting to know other members or to go out to dinner afterward with members.


Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

Of course! Bring 10 if you can! However, in order to vote she will need to sign a Commitment Form and become a member first.


May I attend a meeting before I decide to join?

Yes, but you will be asked to commit one way or another after the meeting. If you prefer to learn more before deciding to attend, please feel free to contact us.

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